Work & Education

Unit-e Technologies™

Founder, CEO (2011-2022), Sr. Business Consultant (2022-present)

Unit-e Technologies, L.C. is a hardware and software development/manufacturing studio located in Halethorpe, Maryland. The company designs, prototypes, manufactures, markets, and distributes entertainment devices such as arcade machines, timer systems, and payment systems. Unit-e released Transgression™ for Xbox Live in 2009  to develop Cardiac: Fitness Racer™, Neon FM® for Arcade and Mobile, World’s Fastest Drummer® Arcade™, PC Classic™, Showcase Chrono™, and RFpay™ (among other projects in its 11-year history).

I founded the company in 2011 and performed the roles of administrator, manager, director, designer, artist, programmer, and audio engineer. I was soon joined by co-owners Charles Lohr and Adam Geary in 2013 for the Cardiac project, and later co-owners Dusty Peterson and Dominic Cerquetti (previously Big Huge Games and director of MAGfest) in 2021 for the RFpay project.

Jokers Games™

Founder, Chief Operating Officer (2018-2022)

Jokers Games™ was an online games portal and brick-and-mortar arcade located in Baltimore, Maryland. The online site allowed players to buy points with a credit card, play a variety of skill games to win additional points, and convert their points to actual novelty silver prizes that (via its partnership with Gold Farm™) could be shipped to their home, stored in the vault, or resold for cash and deposited to a player’s bank account. The Baltimore location featured dozens of terminals with the same games offered on the website, in addition to competitive fish-shooting tabletop games, where players could win cash prizes. The store made heavy use of the RFpay™ system to accept payments and catalog earnings.

I co-founded the company; designed the web portal, logos, and associated graphics; and designed the layout (including colors and patterns), operated the store, and managed the employees and security contractors on site.

Gold Farm™

Founder, Chief Technology Officer (2018-2022)

Gold Farm Limited Partnership LLLP is a website that enables companies (such as Jokers Games™) to reward their customers with sterling silver prizes, and their customers can store earnings in the vault, have silver shipped to their home, or sell silver for cash deposits to their bank account.

I co-founded the company; designed the layout, logo, and graphics; and coded parts of the interface and database.

Johns Hopkins University

Global MBA, Entrepreneurship and Marketing (2012-2014)

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School is a top-level postgraduate university located in Baltimore, and Washington D.C. The Global MBA program is a full-time MBA curriculum with a focus on global humanitarianism (“business with humanity in mind”) culminating in an international two-week residency.

I graduated in 2014 with a double specialization in Entrepreneurship and Marketing and spent my two-week residency in Hyderabad, India consulting the LV Prasad Eye Institute. I was the Executive VP of Game Industry Relations in the Carey Technology & Innovation club. My team consulted Dr. Djordje Popovic at Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc. to bring their patented traumatic brain injury monitoring technology to market—providing patent & market research, net project valuation, and a business model blueprint.

Relevant coursework

BU.860 Advanced Business Negotiations BU.912 Business Processes
BU.430 Competitive Pricing Analysis BU.420 Consumer Behavior
BU.920 Digital Marketplaces BU.233 Entrepreneurial Finance
BU.460 Entrepreneurial Marketing BU.913 Managerial Decision Behavior II
BU.410 Marketing Research BU.450 Marketing Strategy
BU.921 Networked Organizations BU.922 Strategic Options

University of Baltimore (Game Design)

BS, Simulation & Digital Entertainment (2010-2012)

The University of Baltimore’s SDE program (now Simulation & Game Design) instructs students in game design, programming, production, and graphic arts. The program began in 2003 and has ranked #3 nationally. Coursework includes developing and publishing a game for sale and is capstoned with creating a game over two semesters with a small self-managed team.

I graduated in 2012 with a 4.0 GPA, joined the Alpha Chi honor society for academic achievement, developed the game Transgression in C# with XNA and sold it on the Xbox Live Indie Games market, created the exercise bike racing game Cardiac: Fitness Racer for his solo capstone project with Processing (for hardware input) and Unityscript in Unity 3D, and founded the company Unit-e Technologies to publish the games.

Relevant coursework

COSC 410 Advanced 3D Modeling (3ds Max) COSC 315 C# for Interactive Design (XNA)
COSC 324 Designing for Humans COSC 440 Frontiers of Game Design (Processing)
COSC 160 Graphics for Game Design (Adobe) COSC 320 Game Concept and Design
COSC 460 Games, Simulation, and Society COSC 470 Game Development Project I-II
COSC 405 Business of Game Development COSC 499 Independent Study


University of Baltimore (Business Administration)

University of Baltimore (Business Administration)

BS, Business Administration (2009-2011)

The University of Baltimore is a 95-year institution known foremost as a top-3 law school, the college’s B.S. in Business Administration was also ranked one of America’s best undergraduate business programs in 2022 by U.S. News & World Report and reached the Forbes Top Colleges list in 2021.

I graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2011 with a 3.949 GPA and was one of three Omicron Delta Kappa inductees (the National Leadership Honor Society, O∆K limits inductions to under 3% of total enrollment). I also worked part-time with the school’s Office of Technology Services, repairing computers and assisting with classroom technology across campus.

Relevant coursework

OPRE 315 Business Applications of Decision Science IDIS 302 Ethical Issues In Business/Society
FIN 433 International Financial Management MGMT 302 Global Business Environment
INSS 300 Management Information Systems MGMT 301 Management & Organizational Behavior
MKTG 450 New Venture and Industry Analysis MGMT 339 Process and Operations Management
MGMT 475 Strategic Management OPRE 202 Statistical Data Analysis


Pop’nKO Music & Entertainment™

Founder, CEO (2004-2006)

The company developed the original Neon FM®: Dance Radio™, manufactured a prototype cabinet, and negotiated a contract with Betson Enterprises for exclusive manufacturing and distribution. I co-founded the game studio in 2004 alongside Eric Ruth, Robert Ota Dieterich, and David Riley; and partnered with O2Media (Malaysia/Korea) to provide art and music for their game O2Jam™.

Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts

Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts

AudioWorks Certificate (2004)

Sheffield is a prestigious Maryland institute with multiple recording studios and licensed instructional programs. Their client list includes recording artists such as Billy Joel, Mariah Carey, and Walt Disney Motion Pictures.

The AudioWorks program consists of 96 hours of lectures and 200 hours of labs (296 total) and qualifies graduates for employment in a variety of audio engineering positions including studio and live recording, non-linear digital audio editing, and acoustic construction design.