Johns Hopkins University

Global MBA, Entrepreneurship and Marketing (2012-2014)

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School is a top-level postgraduate university located in Baltimore, and Washington D.C. The Global MBA program is a full-time MBA curriculum with a focus on global humanitarianism (“business with humanity in mind”) culminating in an international two-week residency.

I graduated in 2014 with a double specialization in Entrepreneurship and Marketing and spent my two-week residency in Hyderabad, India consulting the LV Prasad Eye Institute. I was the Executive VP of Game Industry Relations in the Carey Technology & Innovation club. My team consulted Dr. Djordje Popovic at Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc. to bring their patented traumatic brain injury monitoring technology to market—providing patent & market research, net project valuation, and a business model blueprint.

Relevant coursework

BU.860 Advanced Business Negotiations BU.912 Business Processes
BU.430 Competitive Pricing Analysis BU.420 Consumer Behavior
BU.920 Digital Marketplaces BU.233 Entrepreneurial Finance
BU.460 Entrepreneurial Marketing BU.913 Managerial Decision Behavior II
BU.410 Marketing Research BU.450 Marketing Strategy
BU.921 Networked Organizations BU.922 Strategic Options