Unit-e™ at IAAPA 2021
Johns Hopkins University MBA Class of '14, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad
RFpay™ at IAAPA 2019
RFpay™ installed in an arcade
Main room at Jokers Games™
JHU MBA Class of '14, India
Marathon//Max Gameplay
Marathon//Max Gameplay
MaxED Level Editing
JHU MBA class of '14, Domino Sugar
Neon FM®: Dance Radio™ Gameplay
Neon FM®: Dance Radio™ Live Demonstration
Transgression™ Gameplay
Biker from Cardiac™


Executive summary

I’m a game developer, producer, and MBA with over 13 years of professional experience. I founded multiple companies, including Unit-e Technologies in 2011—now an 11-year development studio in Maryland. I’ve been on the board of directors at the Baltimore IGDA since 2015 and have released several commercial titles on which I was the design and production lead: notably Neon FM for arcade and mobile, World’s Fastest Drummer Arcade for arcade, and Transgression for Xbox 360. I’m seeking new challenges and am especially interested in game development in a leadership role.



Thanks for visiting my portfolio. My goal with this site is to deliver a mixed media presentation that presents my accomplishments and skillset to prospective collaborators and employers better than a few sentences on a CV, and hopefully I’ve achieved this with a minimum of hubris. To that end, I’ll try to keep my autobiography brief:

I’ve been professionally engaged in the games industry for over 13 years, but first started developing games at the tender age of 6 in Hypercard. You helped a cat jump on a mouse. It wasn’t the finest software penned in that program, but soon I was let loose on AOL, and downloading others’ applications let me see how more complicated games worked. Soon I was working with sprites, resource forks, button inputs, and getting sent to the principal’s office for a particularly gruesome baseball sim that didn’t embody the mission of my Quaker middle school.

I got into modding and worked with the Duke3D build engine, crafted towers in Worldcraft for Quake, made uniforms for my Kingpin clan, composed music for Asian rhythm games, crafted a 5-hour RPG starring a kid we didn’t like, and was involved in a litany of other small projects before starting my first company at the age of 21 to produce a music game I had been working on with my roommate. We met with a large publisher and soon landed an equally large contract, only for the fairytale to end months later when a competing bid from an industry leader ripped the deal from us and covered our broken dreams with a heap of crushing debt.

This compelled me to pay my dues (quite literally) in blue-collar jobs for a couple years before enrolling in business school, where I wanted to learn what went wrong and how I could improve before doing it again. 7 years later, I emerged with two Bachelors in Game Design and Business and a Masters from Hopkins, and started my new company (Unit-e) with a game on the Xbox 360. I assembled a team and we went on to make games and game-adjacent technologies for 11 years, occasionally collaborating with industry greats such as Andamiro, Namco, and Sega along the way. The company endures today, but game design and development is my passion, and I hadn’t directly worked with games in a few years at the end of my tenure, so I promoted a new owner into my position and repositioned myself into an advisory role.

I now seek challenges where I can lead the charge into large-scale modern game design and development. And if you’re here reading this, hopefully we can do that together.

-Eric Yockey