Jokers Games™

Founder, Chief Operating Officer (2018-2022)

Jokers Games™ was an online games portal and brick-and-mortar arcade located in Baltimore, Maryland. The online site allowed players to buy points with a credit card, play a variety of skill games to win additional points, and convert their points to actual novelty silver prizes that (via its partnership with Gold Farm™) could be shipped to their home, stored in the vault, or resold for cash and deposited to a player’s bank account. The Baltimore location featured dozens of terminals with the same games offered on the website, in addition to competitive fish-shooting tabletop games, where players could win cash prizes. The store made heavy use of the RFpay™ system to accept payments and catalog earnings.

I co-founded the company; designed the web portal, logos, and associated graphics; and designed the layout (including colors and patterns), operated the store, and managed the employees and security contractors on site.