University of Baltimore (Game Design)

BS, Simulation & Digital Entertainment (2010-2012)

The University of Baltimore’s SDE program (now Simulation & Game Design) instructs students in game design, programming, production, and graphic arts. The program began in 2003 and has ranked #3 nationally. Coursework includes developing and publishing a game for sale and is capstoned with creating a game over two semesters with a small self-managed team.

I graduated in 2012 with a 4.0 GPA, joined the Alpha Chi honor society for academic achievement, developed the game Transgression in C# with XNA and sold it on the Xbox Live Indie Games market, created the exercise bike racing game Cardiac: Fitness Racer for his solo capstone project with Processing (for hardware input) and Unityscript in Unity 3D, and founded the company Unit-e Technologies to publish the games.

Relevant coursework

COSC 410 Advanced 3D Modeling (3ds Max) COSC 315 C# for Interactive Design (XNA)
COSC 324 Designing for Humans COSC 440 Frontiers of Game Design (Processing)
COSC 160 Graphics for Game Design (Adobe) COSC 320 Game Concept and Design
COSC 460 Games, Simulation, and Society COSC 470 Game Development Project I-II
COSC 405 Business of Game Development COSC 499 Independent Study