Unit-e Technologies™

Founder, CEO (2011-2022), Sr. Business Consultant (2022-present)

Unit-e Technologies, L.C. is a hardware and software development/manufacturing studio located in Halethorpe, Maryland. The company designs, prototypes, manufactures, markets, and distributes entertainment devices such as arcade machines, timer systems, and payment systems. Unit-e released Transgression™ for Xbox Live in 2009  to develop Cardiac: Fitness Racer™, Neon FM® for Arcade and Mobile, World’s Fastest Drummer® Arcade™, PC Classic™, Showcase Chrono™, and RFpay™ (among other projects in its 11-year history).

I founded the company in 2011 and performed the roles of administrator, manager, director, designer, artist, programmer, and audio engineer. I was soon joined by co-owners Charles Lohr and Adam Geary in 2013 for the Cardiac project, and later co-owners Dusty Peterson and Dominic Cerquetti (previously Big Huge Games and director of MAGfest) in 2021 for the RFpay project.