RFpay is a cashless payment system with a robust feature set, including user info retention, redundant card & tracked coin payments, and area denial with ID verification. The system is assembled in the USA. Modern arcades typically use a swipe-card system for payments, and the RFpay system was designed to disrupt the market by offering a sleek modern design (competitors mostly use carnival-themed rainbow-colored bubble shells), every feature offered by other brands and then some, all at the lowest price in the industry.

I designed the Kiosk and the frontend interface for the kiosk and admin software, created the online store, provided graphics used including logos, and directed marketing and sales. Development software includes Git, Sourcetree, Shopify’s tools, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Languages and frameworks include HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, MySQL, C++, and Bootstrap. Venue instances are hosted on Amazon AWS.

Online store: RFpay.org