Neon FM® (Andamiro Model)

Neon FM® is an electrified rhythm & action game for arcades and mobile. Players pound the five colored panels with their hands to the beat of the music and are scored on their timing. The game features local and online multiplayer, a mobile version, downloadable content, and cross-platform competition.

Unit-e partnered with Andamiro Corp. Ltd. of South Korea to redesign the cabinet and enhance the user interface for the east Asian market.

I designed the game and did most of the artwork and logos (aside from the mascots and note receptors provided by Andamiro), coded the original version (including netcode) and worked with one other programmer thereafter, timed and cut music tracks and wrote many of the note and lightshow patterns, and directed marketing and sales. The game was developed in C# and Unityscript for Unity 3D with additional software including TortoiseSVN, Visual Studio, XCode, Illustrator, Photoshop, ACID Pro, GoldWave, and Reason. Servers are hosted on Amazon AWS.