JHU Carey at Domino® Sugar, Baltimore
Innovation for Humanity 2013 - Hyderabad, India
Indian School of Business, Hyderabad
Cardiac™ Demonstration, University of Baltimore
Cardiac™ Live Demonstration, Gamescape 2012
Neon FM™ Live Demonstration, Baltimore
Cardiac™ Presentation
Cardiac™ Live Demonstration
Cardiac™ Live Demonstration
Neon FM™ Live Demonstration
Transgression™ Live Demonstration
Transgression™ Gameplay
Neon FM™ Gameplay
Marathon//Max Gameplay
Marathon//Max Gameplay
MaxED Level Editing
Biker from Cardiac™
ZBrush horse model - 3 hours

Neon FM (2013)

Neon FM™ is an electrified rhythm & action game for arcades and mobile. Players pound the five colored panels with their hands to the beat of the music and are scored on their timing. The game features local and online multiplayer, a mobile version, downloadable content, and cross-platform competition.

Website: NeonFM.com


Cardiac: Fitness Racer™ (2012-2013)

Cardiac™ is a combination of cardio equipment and a racing game. Players are seated in a recumbent bike and pedal and steer, racing against other players who are either seated next to them or online in other venues. The game is being developed with Unity3D. Target markets are gyms, schools, and arcades.

Website: Official website (cardiac.vg)


Transgression™ (2012)

Transgression™ is an arcade-style game that was released on the Xbox Live Indie Games platform in 2012 and is available for 80 MS points ($1). Gameplay is similar to the classic arcade game “joust”, but with a cyberpunk twist.

Official page for Transgression™
Microsoft’s XBLIG page for Transgression™


Marathon//Max (2009)

Marathon//Max is a total conversion for the MaxFX 2 engine used in Max Payne 2. The game merges a semi-modern 3D engine with the concepts and assets used in Bungie’s early 90s sci-fi “Marathon” trilogy, transforming a single-player 3rd-person experience into a multiplayer 2nd-person (over-the-shoulder) deathmatch. The game was released to ModDB in 2009 and its listing has been visited over 19,000 times.

Marathon//Max Marathon//Max

ModDB page for Marathon//Max


Neon FM: Dance Radio™ (2005)

Neon FM™ is a 5-panel arcade dance game designed to focus to North American musical tastes. The machine was engineered to use a revolutionary capacitive-sensing system which would use the player’s natural electrical field to activate the foot panels, resulting in a more natural dance experience and lowering the maintenance requirements of the machine dramatically. Neon FM was picked up by Betson Enterprises (the largest manufacturer and distributor of arcade machines in the US) and our company (which I operated) was signed to an exclusive distribution contract that was worth millions. Unfortunately, the project was sidelined when our publisher decided to instead proceed with Konami.

Official website (neonfm.com)